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The average annual compound growth rate of CNC machine tools is 37.4%

Issuing time:2019-05-31 00:00

       China's machinery manufacturing industry, machine tool industry development for a long time, there has been a perfect foundation for the industry, and it is also the advantage industry of our country, with the economic transformation and upgrading and global market transformation, the CNC machine tools gradually in the machine tool occupies more and more important role, although the NC machine tool in our country development time is not long, but has maintained rapid growth trend, at present for CNC machine tool demand remains high.

       As an essential equipment of industrial manufacturing, China's machine tool industry in the annual growth rate of two digit, ushered in the rapid development period, the NC machine tool has become the mainstream of China's machine tool consumption. In recent years, China's demand for CNC machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth, the average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. The domestic machine tool industry present situation and common development of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, the industry structure has been optimized, overall quality has improved significantly.

Facing the rapid growth of demand and broad market space, China's CNC machine tool industry continue to forge ahead, at present on the market can provide 1500 kinds of CNC machine tools, cover over heavy duty machine, high precision machine tool, special processing machine, forging equipment, cutting-edge high-tech machine tools etc., comparable to Europe and the United States. A number of key technical indicators of China's CNC machinery has reached the international advanced level, some indicators even reached the world's leading level, for the continued growth of demand in China to provide a guarantee.

       At present, the domestic production of CNC machine tools can be roughly divided into three types: economical machine tool, universal machine tool and high grade machine tool. Economic type machine tool are basically open loop control; universal machine tool is in the semi closed loop control technology, resolution can reach up to 1 micron; high-grade machine adopts closed loop control, also has high accuracy, high speed, complex, with various compensation function, fault control function, automatic diagnosis and resolution can reach 0.1 microns, a computer can replace the programming.

       In the domestic application of economic CNC machine tools are basically domestic products, domestic products, whether it is from the quality or reliability can meet the needs of most users of machine tools. About 60%~70% of the domestic universal CNC machine tools is the use of domestic products, but it needs to be noted that these domestic CNC machine tools which are about 80% of the numerical control system in the use of foreign products. High grade machine tools, domestic products can only account for about 2%, basically rely on imports. In the market demand for low-end machine tools and mid-range machine tools about 50% and 40%, high-end CNC machine tool demand is about 10%.

       The current domestic CNC machine tool market competitiveness is not high, in the final analysis is the core competitiveness of enterprises is not high. To improve the market competitiveness of domestic CNC machine tools, it is necessary to make China's CNC machine tool production enterprises with the following four aspects of the ability, which is the goal of CNC machine tool industry in the pursuit of. To form the scale of production in the "quantity". This scale production is a specialized production, it is different from the traditional sense of the high concentration of production, but a highly specialized social production.

       CNC machining is the trend of high quality, high precision, high yield and high efficiency in the machining industry. A good momentum of development of the NC machine tool in our country show that demand is still high, the relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity to strive for the early realization of the transformation of CNC machine tool products from low-end to high-end, from the processing of primary products to sophisticated products manufacturing and the development of CNC machine tools will also effectively realized by the machine tool production big country to machine tool power change.

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