Product Advantage

1.FANUC OI-MF CNC system: stable performance, convenient operation programming, perfect and punctual after-sales service.

2.FANUC servomotor for six coordinate axis and spindle: good characteristice and perfect low speed performance.

3.With high-precision ball screw bar and rolling linear guide, the operating cornponents make positioning accurately.

4.Remote control device is adopted in cooling system Depending on the hole size, materials, chips and required precision, the flow rate and pressure can be adjusted and it could optimize the cooling result.

5.Precision detection: The dynamic inspection is done by British Renishaw laser intefferometer. It makes compensation dynamically according to the test result, which ensu res the positioning of the whole machine and re-positioning accurately

6.ZJR series CNC deep-hole drilling machine is mainly used for extremely difficult processes of deep-hole in mold indudtry It's poken highly of its high-efficiency, low-cost, humanized technol-ogical process.

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